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Property Sales Vancouver's core mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER Buyers and Sellers into making informed decisions regarding their Real Estate portfolios.

Consider Property Sales Vancouver your GPS to Real Estate. Enter where you want to go and we will show you the best route. If you don't like that route, you are behind the wheel and can steer us in a different direction. We will recalculate accordingly.

We pride ourselves in focusing on your needs and giving you honest advice as to whether now is the time to move forward with a purchase or a sell. Having your representation in this huge part of your life is a designation I take with the highest of honors.

As the primary at Property Sales Vancouver, Leslie McDonnell turns savvy, informed Vancouverites into Successful Homeowners, Investors and Sellers

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Is it 2015????  A look at the Vancouver Real Estate Market Conditions

The real estate statistics are out and it has been a very busy real estate market in January 2021. There were almost 2400 homes sales in the Vancouver region. This is up 52% from this time last year and is a 34% increase from the 10 year average.

I am going to share with you my insights on the Vancouver real estate market and provide you with inform...

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