Enhanced Safeguards for Renters, Parents, Landlords, and Families

The Province of British Columbia is introducing legislative amendments aimed at supporting both renters and landlords. Key changes include:

  1. Protecting growing families by restricting rent increases when a tenant adds a child under 19 to their household.
  2. Deterring bad-faith evictions by requiring landlords to use a web portal for eviction notices, allowing post-eviction compliance audits, and providing information on the frequency of such evictions.
  3. Resolving rental disputes faster by reducing wait times at the Residential Tenancy Branch and introducing the Money Judgment Enforcement Act in 2025 to make it easier to collect owed money resulting from tenancy hearings.
Other amendments include increasing notice periods for ending tenancy, prohibiting certain types of evictions, and offering more flexibility and clearer guidelines for addressing problematic tenancies.

These changes aim to protect both tenants and landlords, promote compliance with rental regulations, and improve the overall stability of the rental market in British Columbia.

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