March 2024

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Navigating BC's Real Estate Landscape

Posted on Mar 14, 2024

The Good: Property Transfer Tax Exemption Threshold Increased

We kick off with some positive news! The BC Government's decision to raise the Property Transfer Tax Exemption threshold to $835,000 is a significant win, especially for First Time Home Buyers. This boost in the threshold provides much-needed breathing room, enabling more individuals and...

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What will be the Catalyst to Release Pent Up Demand in Vancouver?

Posted on Mar 01, 2024

As we reflect on the trajectory of Canada's real estate market over the past few years, it's evident that significant shifts have occurred, particularly in relation to interest rates and market dynamics.
Since March 2022, we've observed a gradual rise in interest rates, followed by a stabilization around the 5% mark in 2023. This period of adjustme...

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