Let's Talk Strata Insurance

Posted on Mar 04, 2020

I am sure many of you have been reading a variety of headlines like, “The Condo Market is Crashing” and “Strata Insurance in Crisis.” While some of this is sensationalized to sell newspapers, there is merit. The strata insurance companies have unilaterally spiked insurance rates across the Province. 

Strata owners are seeing their insurance premiums...

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Review of the 2019 Vancouver Real Estate Market

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

The Vancouver Real Estate market certainly saw some interesting times this year. 

For the first 6 months of 2019, in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, approx. 10,000 of the 14,500 agents had not made a single sale!

A large portion of this slow down had to do with government-imposed taxes. We saw the foreign buyers tax implemented in 2016...

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Highlights from the Economic Forum Outlook 2020

Posted on Jan 14, 2020

Recently, I attended the Economic Forum Outlook for 2020, hosted by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. It was noted that Trade related uncertainty is at top of mind for most business’, specifically, the US – China Trade War. Even though deals have been struck, such as the new NAFTA and the China Trade agreement, the trade deficit is still large...

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Merry Christmas!

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

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AREAA BC Chapter Networking event

Posted on Nov 08, 2019

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